Compare AvaTrade vs Exness: The Best Forex Broker In 2024

Compare AvaTrade vs Exness to choose the best forex broker in 2024. As regulated FX brokers, AvaTrade and Exness offer support for millions of global traders. Notably, the most suitable forex trading broker differs for each trader – depending on deposit, leverage, geographic location, and more. For instance, AvaTrade supports CFDs for 120+ unique FX currency pairs. Meanwhile, AvaTrade provides support for 1000+ financial markets to attract multi-instrument traders. As an experienced FX trader yourself, carefully compare AvaTrade vs Exness to trade with the largest forex broker in the world. Keep reading for a detailed comparison between AvaTrade vs Exness to choose the best forex broker in 2024.

Exness vs AvaTrade: Minimum Deposit

Compare minimum deposit between AvaTrade vs Exness to choose the best FX broker in 2024. As a reputed forex broker with minimum deposits, Exness only requires $1 to open a new trading account. Meanwhile, AvaTrade charges a minimum $100 deposit from new traders. Of course, you should also compare the supported deposit methods between Exness vs AvaTrade. With Exness, you can submit the initial deposit via e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, and Bank Wire. Additionally, Exness accepts initial deposits in local currencies – supporting global traders. For AvaTrade, submit the deposits through Bank Wire, Visa, and PayPal wallets. Indeed, compare Exness vs AvaTrade based on minimum deposit to select a reputed forex broker in 2024.

Exness vs AvaTrade: Commission And Spreads

Next, compare Exness vs AvaTrade based on commissions and spreads. Typically, spread and commission charges between Exness and AvaTrade depend on selected currency pairs. On average, AvaTrade charges an average spread of 0.9 pips per lot. Meanwhile, Exness offers more affordable spreads at 0.6 pips per lot. Notably, Exness earns revenue from a more expensive $7.00 per lot commission. With AvaTrade, you can execute trades without paying any commission. Similar to commissions and spreads, both Exness and AvaTrade charge varying inactivity fees, overnight charges, and cloud costs. Definitely, spreads and commissions are a critical comparison factor between AvaTrade vs Exness.

AvaTrade vs Exness: Trading Instruments

Next, compare supported trading instruments between AvaTrade vs Exness to choose the best forex brokers in the world. Both AvaTrade and Exness support multiple financial instruments for traders looking to explore various markets. In addition to forex currency pairs, AvaTrade supports Oil, Stocks, Futures, and Indices as a few popular instruments. In addition, you can also engage in other markets – including bonds, commodities, cryptocurrency, and more. Similarly, Exness also supports all major financial instruments such as metals, energies, and CFDs. Leverage the multi-instrument support to diversify your trading portfolio with AvaTrade and Exness. Certainly, trading instrument support is a critical factor to compare AvaTrade vs Exness.

AvaTrade vs Exness: Account Types

In addition, compare account types between the best forex brokers AvaTrade and Exness in 2024. Exness supports three different types to cater to unique client preferences – including standard, swap-free, and cent accounts. With standard accounts, you can execute versatile trading operations and earn bigger profits. Of course, traders looking for zero-interest options can select swap-free accounts. Compared to Exness, AvaTrade supports five unique account options to support global traders. For instance, you can access dedicated Islamic accounts to avoid interests, hidden fees, and other charges. Additionally, experienced traders can access VIP accounts to leverage faster withdrawals, personal account manager, and $10,000 bonus with a legit forex broker. Definitely, supported account types are a major comparison factor between Exness and AvaTrade.

Exness vs AvaTrade: Educational Support

Compare supported educational material between Exness vs AvaTtrade to choose the best forex broker in 2024. Both AvaTrade and Exness offer advanced educational resources to clients. With Exness, you can access three different education levels – available in five languages. Contrarily, AvaTrade video education segment offers a beginner section, guides on advanced tools, and multi-instrument trading strategies. Additionally, Exness and AvaTrade host regular webinars led by industry experts. Certainly, available educational support plays a crucial role in comparing the best forex brokers Exness vs AvaTrade.

There are several factors to compare regulated forex trading brokers Exness vs AvaTrade, in 2024. Consider the minimum deposit to choose the best broker, and look for supported deposit methods. When comparing Exness vs AvaTrade, commission and spreads are also crucial. Next, watch out for available trading instruments such as forex, commodities, indices, metals, energies, etc. Additionally, compare Avatrade vs Exness on the basis of supported account types. Look for the supported educational materials for profitable trading. Indeed, follow the points above to choose the best forex broker between Exness vs AvaTrade in 2024.

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