5 Best Forex Brokers UAE And Dubai: Fees & Spreads Included

Find the 5 best forex brokers in UAE and Dubai according to fees & spreads. A number of Forex brokerages have opened subsidiaries and is now widely spreading in Dubai and the Middle East. Local UAE traders like you should consider different aspects before opening an account inside or outside Dubai.

Forex trading is an online business that involves great risk. Your hard-earned money should be secure at all times. Invest your earnings in a reliable, certified, and regulated forex trading broker platform. Avoid scams and make a wise decision in choosing your UAE online forex broker. Read on to learn about the 5 best forex brokers in UAE and Dubai with fees & spreads included.

IC Markets

IC Markets is among the top 5 best forex brokers in the UAE and Dubai with competitive fees & spreads. IC Markets allows UAE-based traders to leverage a wide range of assets like FX, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. Their forex spreads start from 0.0 pips for major currency pairs – with an affordable commission of $2.5 per lot. Dubai-based traders can also leverage the MT5 platform with IC Markets. With a fast execution speed of 40 ms, IC Markets is a reputed choice for high-volume traders in the UAE. Certainly, choose IC Markets from the best Forex Brokers in UAE and Dubai with fees & spreads included.

IG Brokers

IG Brokers is another top-rated forex broker in the UAE and Dubai. Regulated by DFSA, IG Brokers supports 17,000+ financial assets for UAE traders. IG’s spreads start from 0.6 pips for key FX pairs – with no charges to open a new account. As the best forex broker for beginners, IG offers multiple educational resources to support new traders. In fact, beginners can access dedicated mobile apps to access articles, videos, and informative tutorials. Keep in mind IG Brokers may charge additional fees for keeping positions open overnight – resulting in higher overall costs for UAE traders. Definitely, consider IG as your forex trading broker for beginners in the UAE and Dubai for competitive spread and fees.


FXNovus is listed as the top regulated and among the best forex brokers in UAE and Dubai. FXNovus offers a CFD trading platform to local UAE traders like you. With a regulated operations, helpful financial instruments are accessible to users from Forex to cryptocurrencies.

When you trade with FXNovus, you’ll have advanced, user-friendly technology that has different analysis tools and trading strategies. In addition to that, a customer support system with 11 languages including Arabic is present in case of emergencies. These assets are perfect to start unlocking your potential in the forex industry. Certainly, FXNovus is one of the best forex brokers in UAE and Dubai with fees & spreads included. 


Exness is another reputed forex broker in the UAE and Dubai. With competitive spreads, lower fees, and instant withdrawals, Exness is a trusted broker for beginners and experienced traders in the UAE. You can access real-time data on broker’s spreads, commission, and average execution speeds. This transparent environment creates a seamless experience for all UAE traders. Compared to other platforms, Exness is one of the best affordable forex brokers in the UAE – with extremely low spreads. Indeed, consider Exness as your forex broker partner in the UAE and Dubai.


FXOpen is another top-rated forex broker with competitive fees and spreads in UAE and Dubai. This legitimate broker provides highly competitive pricing, liquidity, and spreads starting from 0.0 pips. Partnered with top financial institutes and banks, FXOpen is one of the brokers with the lowest commissions to Dubai-based traders. Additionally, FXOpen’s FCA regulations protect your trading account for up to £85,000. You can leverage the best available price on ECN, tight variable spreads, and multiple forex currency pairs. In fact, multi-instrument traders can access 50+ FX markets 24/5. Indeed, leverage best fees and spreads with FXOpen in UAE and Dubai.

Discover the 5 best forex brokers in Dubai and UAE based on fees and spreads. IC Markets offers a wide range of trading assets with lower spreads, commissions, and trading costs of $3.0. You can choose IG brokers for a wide range of currency pairs and DFSA Regulations. FXNovus provides forex traders with helpful financial instruments to unlock their full potential. Exness stands out with competitive pricing, spreads, and instant withdrawals for cost-effective trading. To receive the best price on ECN and tight variables – consider regulated forex brokers like FXOpen. Certainly, explore the 5 best forex brokers in UAE and Dubai according to fees and spreads. 

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