Best Forex Brokers With $1 Minimum Deposit In 2024

Discover the best forex brokers with $1 minimum deposit in 2024. Often, brokers with a $1 minimum deposit attract small traders with limited personal funds. With the smaller minimum deposit, traders can also test strategies – without risking a big amount. As a beginner FX trader yourself, choose a reputed broker with a minimum deposit to avoid major losses. Of course, you can gradually improve your trading skills and increase profits to earn bigger in the future. Read on to learn about legal forex brokers with a minimum deposit of $1 in 2024. 

IFC Markets

IFC Markets is a top-rated forex broker with a $1 minimum deposit in 2024. Among various account types, IFC Markets offer a dedicated $1 minimum deposit program. This smaller micro-fixed account is ideal for beginners looking to start on a smaller risk-free account. Despite the minimum deposit, IFC Markets offers a competitive 1:400 leverage for these smaller accounts. With the higher leverage, you can manage more rewarding positions – increasing your earning potential. To deposit $1 minimum amount, IFC Markets supports multiple platforms – including TopChange, Perfect Money, and WebMoney. Definitely, IFC Markets is among with forex brokers with a minimum deposit of $1 in 2024.


Exness is another reputable forex broker with $1 minimum deposit in 2024. Regulated by FSCA, Exness accepts $1 minimum deposit for their micro-accounts. These minimum deposit trading accounts still offer tighter spreads and rapid execution speed – an ideal combination for high-volume traders. In fact, Exness’ spreads start from 0.0 pips along with a lower commission. Over time, you can migrate to the regular account with a minimum deposit of $10. Of course, you can leverage multiple financial instruments on these accounts – including forex, stocks, indices, cryptocurrencies, and more. Definitely, consider Exness as a top-rated forex brokers with a minimum deposit of $1.


Consider Forex4Your as a top-rated forex broker $1 minimum deposit in 2024. Forex4You is a reliable broker offering high-quality trading conditions with no minimum deposit requirements. Forex4You features different account types including cent fixed, classic pro, classic fixed, and standard – all starting with a $0 minimum deposit. Of course, beginners should consider cent-fixed accounts for a low-risk trading environment. With these accounts, you can engage in micro lots to minimize risks in your positions. Additionally, cent-fixed accounts support a competitive 2 pips spread with no commission – resulting in increased earning potential. Indeed, Forex4You is a reputed FX broker with the lowest commission and no minimum deposit in 2024. 


In 2024, OandaUS is one of the best forex brokers with $1 deposit. OandaUS is a reputable broker featuring no minimum deposit requirement for all traders. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, the standard account option with a $0 minimum deposit makes OandaUS an ideal platform for everyone. With no minimum deposit requirements, you can potentially trade without risking a higher personal capital. Additionally, OandaUS accepts minimum deposits through multiple methods – including PayPal, Neteller, skrill, bank transfers, credit/debit cards, etc. Certainly, start trading with the best forex brokers OandaUS with a $1 deposit requirement.


XTB is another best forex broker with a $1 minimum deposit in 2024. The XTB is a globally listed forex broker with 0 deposit requirement–suitable for traders of all levels. XTB offers two types of no-deposit requirement trading accounts: Standard and swap-free. With no deposit requirements, you can trade with 21,000+ financial instruments. The XTB deposit process is quick with different supportive methods such as debit/credit cards, and e-wallets. In addition to no minimum deposit, you can even try a demo account with a $100,000 paper trading fund- enabling you to learn market conditions effectively. Certainly, explore XTB to trade with a $1 minimum deposit requirement on the best forex broker in 2024.

In 2024, there are several best forex brokers with a $1 minimum deposit. If you are looking to start with low-capital investment, IFC Market is the perfect trading platform for you. Exness is another platform, where you can trade with low barriers on investment. For high-quality trading conditions, you consider Forex4You forex brokers with a $1 minimum deposit. One of the other emerging forex brokers for beginners with no minimum deposit is OandaUS, offering trading without risking a lot of money. Additionally, trade with XTB to access 21,000+ instruments with 0 deposit requirements. Certainly, choose any of the best forex brokers above and start trading with a $1 minimum deposit.

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