The Best Forex Brokers With Lowest Commissions: Updated For 2024

Discover the updated list of best forex brokers with the lowest commission in 2024. A broker’s commission rates directly impact the overall trading costs. While brokers with zero commission may appear more tempting, these platforms often charge expensive swap rates, spreads, and maintenance fees – increasing your final cost. As an FX trader yourself, look for reputable high-ranking forex brokers with the lowest commission rates, tight spreads, and transparent fee structures. Swing traders may also consider swap rates to avoid higher charges while keeping positions open overnight. Keep reading to learn about the best forex brokers with lowest commissions in 2024.


Tickmill is a top-rated forex broker with lowest commissions in 2024. With two different account options, Tickmill is among the few brokers to offer competitive commissions and the lowest spreads. Start your Pro account with Tickmill with a $100 minimum deposit to take advantage of an average of $2 per trade commission. Combined with an average spread of 0.11 pips, the Pro account is an ideal option for active seasoned traders. Meanwhile, Tickmill’s VIP account offers even lower commission rates of $1 per trade. Of course, you’ll need a minimum $50,000 deposit to start trading with the low-commission VIP accounts. Definitely, Tickmill is ranked as one of the best forex brokers with lowest commission in 2024.

Fusion Markets

Fusion Markets is another popular forex broker with the lowest commission in 2024. With a fixed commission of $2.25 per lot and a 0.0 average spread – Fusion Markets offers a low-cost model for all traders. As a reputable affordable forex broker, Fusion Markets’ low commission rates allow traders to hold multiple positions and increase profit potential. In fact, the fast 79ms execution speed creates a supportive environment for high-volume traders – looking to execute several trades every day. In addition to low commissions, Fusion Markets is a reputable low-spread forex broker that supports various major currency pairs. These competitive spreads help lower your overall trading costs in the long run. Definitely, Fusion Markets are reputed forex brokers with lowest commissions in 2024.

IG Forex Brokers

Consider IG Forex Brokers for lowest commissions in 2024. Established in 1974, IG Forex Brokers continue to deliver low trading costs in 2024. With zero-commission policies, traders are only required to pay for the spreads. On average, IG Forex Broker’s spreads remain at 1.2 pips. Meanwhile, traders looking to hold positions for major currency pairs like EUR/USD only need to pay 0.6 pips. You can leverage the zero-commission policy for 80+ currency pairs with 17,000+ unique CFDs – providing global market access. Of course, high-volume traders can engage in multiple positions with an average execution speed of 17 ms. Indeed, consider trading with IG Forex Brokers for lowest commissions in 2024.


Plus500 is one of the best forex brokers with lowest commission in 2024. As a US-regulated forex broker, Plus500 is popular for its transparent fee structure, competitive commissions, and user-friendly mobile platforms. Typically, Plus500’s zero commission policy and tighter spreads attracts seasoned day traders. Additionally, the broker offers highly competitive spreads – starting from 0.01 pips for multiple currency pairs. Of course, watch out for additional charges – including inactivity costs, overnight position holding rates, and account maintenance fees to lower your trading costs. Of course, the updated list of lowest commission forex brokers includes Plus500.

XTB Broker

XTB is another top-rated forex broker with lowest commission rates in 2024. XTB Broker is among the few platforms with zero commissions and variable spread charges. You may see varying spread rates throughout the day for all currency pairs. Trade during regular market hours to avoid higher spreads and fully leverage zero commission policy to lower your trading costs. For instance, you’ll only need to pay a spread of 1.3 pips for GBP/USD during regular hours – compared to 1.6 pips after the market closes. In addition to no commissions, you get a higher leverage of up to 1:500 – increasing your profit potential. Certainly, consider trading with XTB forex brokers for lowest commission rates in 2024.

In 2024, there are multiple reputed forex brokers with lowest commissions. With an average commission rate of $2 per trade, Tickmill supports traders with two different account options. High-volume traders may consider Fusion Markets for low commission rate, competitive spreads, and fast execution speed of 79ms. Of course, IG Markets is another reputed lowest-commission forex broker for day traders. Or, seasoned day traders may consider Plus500 for zero commission policies and tighter spreads. Consider XTB brokers to access low commissions with a higher leverage of 1:500. Follow the points above for an updated list of top-rated forex brokers with lowest commissions in 2024.

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