CFTC-Regulated Forex Brokers In America For US Clients

There are many legit CFTC-regulated forex brokers in America for US clients. All US FX brokers operate under CFTC and NFA regulatory bodies to offer services in the country. These regulatory authorities enforce strict rules to avoid common forex broker scams. Additionally, all CFTC-regulated FX brokers are required to maintain a $20 million net capital to create a stable environment for US clients. As a forex trader based in the USA, always choose regulated FX brokers registered under tier-1 regulators like the CFTC. This way, you can utilize a segregated trading account and protect your personal funds during unexpected market conditions. Read on for the best CFTC-regulated American forex brokers for US clients.

IG US: Globally Regulated FX Broker

IG US is one of the best CFTC-regulation forex brokers in America with a global presence. A London-based forex broker – IG US holds regulatory licenses in multiple jurisdictions around the world. Experienced US traders like you can trade a wide range of asset classes – along with 82 unique forex currency pairs. In addition, you can also access IG’s flagship trading apps for a seamless experience. US-based social traders will receive direct signals to manage profitable positions in FX markets. Of course, CFTC regulations create robust financial stability and transparency for all US clients – including swing, day, and scalping traders. Definitely, choose IG US to trade with a globally regulated forex broker in America. Low Spread FX Broker is another reputed CFTC-regulated FX broker in America with low spreads. Select ECN-style trading accounts with – starting from 0.0 pips spreads and fixed commissions. These competitive spreads are available for a wide range of trading products – including forex, shares, metals, and futures. In America, you can select between two ECN-style accounts – including standard and RAW. Choose a RAW account to execute high-volume trades with the tightest spreads and a competitive $7 commission per lot. Interactive Brokers vs comparison also highlights that you can sign up for dedicated rebate programs to reduce your overall trading costs over time. Simply increase your trading volume every month, and you’ll receive significant cash rebates – reducing your trading costs in the USA. Definitely, consider to trade with a CFTC-regulated FX broker in America supporting low spreads.

Oanda US: User-Friendly Trading Platforms

Oanda is one of the best CFTC-regulated forex brokers in America supporting a user-friendly platform for US clients. Similar to CFTC, Oanda US is registered with NFA to create a safe environment for US traders. You can access user-friendly web and mobile platforms for seamless trading on the go. Additionally, utilize MT4 trading platforms to analyze advanced charts, trading studies, and EAs. Eventually, you can configure plugins to automate your trades through advanced Expert Advisors (EAs). Similarly, Oanda US FXTrade mobile platform for US clients looking to access price overlays, indicators, and data-driven charts. Indeed, Oanda US is a reputable American forex broker supporting user-friendly trading platforms.

Interactive Brokers: Reliable For Institutional Traders

Interactive is among the reliable CFTC-regulated forex brokers in America for US-based institutional traders. Interactive Brokers supports robust trading tools, multiple order types, and highly competitive spreads – an ideal environment for professional clients. You can execute algorithmic trading strategies for 100+ markets with multiple asset classes to make informed decisions and trade bigger. For FX trading in the US, Interactive Brokers supports low commissions with no hidden charges. Take advantage of professional-grade trading conditions with Interactive Brokers’ in-house TraderWorkstation. Definitely, Interactive Brokers is a reliable CFTC-regulated forex brokerage platform for experienced institutional-level US traders.

XM: Broker With Transparent Fee Structures

Finally, XM is another CFTC-regulated forex broker with transparent fee structures for US clients. Following US financial laws – XM provides a wide range of investment options at affordable charges. Thanks to low and transparent fee structures, you can hold multiple positions in a week – without bearing a higher trading cost. Additionally, XM charges straightforward non-trading fees from all US traders. For instance, you can receive your profits without paying withdrawal charges. Notably, you’ll need to pay a $15 maintenance fee every 90 days with an additional $5 to cover inactivity expenses. Definitely, choose XM as a CFTC-regulated forex broker to trade with a transparent fee structure.

Discover the best CFTC-regulated forex brokers in America for US clients. First, IG US is a trusted CFTC-regulated FX broker with active support in multiple jurisdictions – outside America. Consider to leverage tight spreads on each trade and minimize your overall costs. OandaUS supports multiple web and mobile trading platforms to create a seamless experience for US clients. Choose Interactive Brokers to access institutional-level resources and trade bigger. As one of the best forex brokers for beginners, XM supports transparent fee structures with competitive spreads, commissions, and non-trading charges. Follow the points above to learn more about top-rated CFTC-regulated American forex brokers for US clients.

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