Top 5 US-Regulated Forex Brokers With High Leverage In 2024

Discover the top US-regulated forex brokers with high leverage in 2024. According to FX market regulations, only CFTC or NFA-registered brokers are allowed to serve US clients. These strict regulations also limit US traders’ leverage access – capping the maximum FX leverage at 1:50. While some traders may find these regulations restrictive, US-based clients can still engage in significantly larger positions – compared to personal funds.

As a forex trader in the USA, look for a regulated broker with at least 1:50 high leverage. This way, you can easily take advantage of a broker’s loan and engage in low-risk FX positions. Read on to learn more about the top high-leverage forex brokers regulated to serve US clients.


Oanda is one of the top 5 US-regulated high leverage forex broker in 2024. Regulated by CFTC – Oanda offers a competitive 1:50 forex leverage for all US clients. You can access the offered leverage along with Oanda’s unique support for the TradingView platform. In fact, Oanda is among the few brokers with direct support for TradingView – catering to experienced tech-savvy traders like you.

Additionally, you can also access the 1:50 leverage while trading on MT4 platforms. Looking for an even higher leverage? Sign up for Oanda’s Asia Pacific account to access a highly competitive 1:200 forex leverage on your account. Indeed, consider Oanda US regulated forex broker to take advantage of high leverage in 2024.


IG US is another regulated forex broker with high leverage in 2024. The broker provides services for all US-based traders – except Ohio. For US clients, the broker supports up to 80 currency pairs with varying leverage. You can access a competitively high 1:50 leverage for major currency pair like EU/USD. Meanwhile, the leverage for AUD/USD is capped at 1:33.

The broker continues to increase leverage for other minor, emerging, and Australasian currency pairs – making IG a reliable option for multi-instrument FX traders. Regulated by both CFTC and NFA, IG US is a safe, reliable, and secure FX broker for all American clients looking to trade bigger. Definitely, select IG as your regulated forex broker for high leverage access in 2024.

Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers is another top-rated US-regulated forex broker with high leverage in 2024. With low joining fees, Interactive Brokers is a reliable choice for traders looking for the best forex broker for beginners. In addition to high 1:50 FX leverage, the broker offers a variety of tools suit different trading preferences.

Compared to other platforms, Interactive Brokers also offer competitive spreads for all experience levels. In fact, the spreads for major currency pairs start from 0.1 pips – along with a relatively lower commission. In terms of regulations, Interactive Brokers is registered under CFTC and SEC to serve US-based traders. Definitely, consider trading with the fully-regulated Interactive Brokers for high-leverage FX access in 2024. is a regulated high-leverage forex broker in the USA. Registered with NFA (National Futures Association), supports a maximum leverage of 1:50 and an affordable deposit fee of $100. These competitive trading conditions make a reliable option for beginners and experienced traders alike.

Take full advantage of the high leverage with support for copy trading. This unique feature allows beginners to copy successful trading strategies and earn decent profits. Additionally, there’s a demo $500,000 virtually-funded account to help beginners learn risk management – while dealing with high leverage. Certainly, is a reputed regulated FX broker for US clients looking for high-leverage access.


Finally, Tradestation is another US-regulated forex broker with high leverage in the US. Tradestation is overlooked by USA’s most reputed regulatory body – FINRA. Open your trading account without any minimum deposit fees. With advanced features, Tradestation caters to more tech-driven FX traders looking for detailed charts, analysis, and graphs.

Additionally, you can access the high 1:50 forex leverage on a variety of currency pairs. There are feature-packed web and mobile platforms to monitor your account all the time. Definitely, consider Tradestation as one of the regulated US forex brokers with high leverage in 2024.

These are some of the best high-leverage forex brokers with US regulations. Oanda US is known among traders for competitive leverage and access to a variety of trading platforms. Consider IG US to access high leverage on all the major currency pairs. In addition, Interactive Brokers is another option to take advantage of competitive leverage and low spreads. Beginner US traders may consider and Tradestation to practice on a $500,000 virtual funded account before risking live capital.

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